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Domaine Bousquet Argentina ORGANIC Brut

Domaine Bousquet Argentina ORGANIC Brut

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Domaine Bousquet was founded on virgin land in 1997 in the Gualtallary
sub-zone of Tupungato in Mendoza’s Uco Valley. Today, the estate, run by
daughter Anne Bousquet and husband Labid al Ameri, is Argentina’s largest
exporter of wines made from certified organic grapes. All wines are made from
100% certified organic fruit grown at a cool 4,000-foot-high altitude and crafted
with a French winemaking sensibility.



Gravel and sandy soil



Thanks to the dryness of the area and its phylloxera-resistant sandy soil, farming
organically at Domaine Bousquet from day one was both possible and smart. The
three main factors differentiating this virgin vineyard and its terroir are: the near
constant breezes from the Andes to the west which help mitigate heat-stress in
this desert-like climate, with its huge day/night temperature differentials, the
sandy soils result in low fertility for desirable vine stress and yet are permeable
for good drainage. In addition, the prevalence of groundwater, with rainfall
averaging a scant 8-inches or less per year, groundwater from Andes snowmelt is
vital to irrigate the vines drop-by-drop. In addition to the unique terroir- Roots of
organically-grown plants penetrate deeper, absorbing trace minerals that give
wines their authentic local taste. Organic farming is healthier for the environment
and, vitally, for the people who tend the vines.



Hand harvested during the first and second week of February in small bins and
then passes directly to press without being destemmed. This provides better
quality in the extraction of the musts. Cold maceration at 8°C / 46°F for 24 hours
to extract aromas and flavours. Fermentation with selected yeast at a maximum
temperature of 20°C / 68°F for 15 days. The second fermentation is in bottle and
6 months over lees. This process helps the wine to obtain complex aromas, like
toasted bread and caramel without losing the freshness of fruit.


Tasting Notes

In mouth, this wine is complex when entering, with a marked creaminess and
pleasant aftertaste. Yellow with delicate and elegant bubbles. Tropical fruits
aromas with floral and citrus notes.
Medium body, refreshing acidity and persistent finish.


Ideal as an aperitif or with white fish dishes. Best served at 6°C/43° F.

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