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Amusant By Allure Bubbly Pink Moscato

Amusant By Allure Bubbly Pink Moscato

  • $ 1299

Amusant by Allure is all about fun. It's a bubbly, sweet, and lively bright pink California Moscato. Whether you've got a group, a celebration, or just a couple, any get-together will be enhanced by Amusant by Allure. Chill, pop open a bottle and watch the fun begin.

"Bright pink color indicates the wine will be very festive in nature. Apricot, peach, bergamot, and mint flavors give our Pink Moscato a fresh and lively demeanor. The combination of bubbles and off-dry balance enhance the refreshment enjoyed with each sip. This is a very easy wine to drink by itself. However, its cheery nature suggests it is welcome at celebrations and where gatherings might include a variety of dishes. It should be on the table ready to serve throughout the meal, including dessert."
-Winemaker, Bob Stashak

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