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Lismore Single Malt 15 Year Scotch Whisky 750ML

Lismore Single Malt 15 Year Scotch Whisky 750ML

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Lismore Single Malt 15 Year Scotch Whiskey is a classic take on the Speyside tradition. “Mystery malts” like the ones bottled by Lismore often get a bad rap from aficionados because the origin of the hops cannot be confirmed. That said, if you avoid this selection from Lismore because you aren’t sure what distillery the hops originated from, you are going to miss out on a rich scotch with a complexity that is deceiving. Anything considered “ordinary” about this malt from the outside looking in is quickly disputed by scents and flavors you’ll enjoy from the first sip.

Its light-caramel color is deceiving, because the flavor is surprisingly full of body, and the finish lasts much longer than other bottlings from the brand. When it hits your nose, butterscotch, fruits, honey, spices and vanilla create a sweet flavor that perfectly leads into the malt. When it hits your palate, the rich flavor really starts to surface as the fruits become riper, the honey sweetens and an earthy quality balances them out. While rich in flavor, the 15-year from Lismore has a soft texture that surprisingly brings some heat — comparable to a 100-proof malt.

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