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Korbel Brandy 750ML

Korbel Brandy 750ML

  • $ 1199

While most people who pay attention to the brands in their local wine and spirits shops know the Korbel brand as one of the leading champagne cellars in the US, they also produce a brandy best described as “All-American.” Korbel Classic Brandy has a clean taste featuring 100% California grapes for a natural and rich take on brandy.

Winner of a Critics Choice Award and two gold medals, Korbel Brandy is bottled today the same way it has been since Francis Korbel first crafted it in Sonoma in 1889. Made in small batches at a distillery for artisans instead of a large processing winery, this one-of-a-kind brandy is aged in oak barrels before being charred over a fire. After being heated, the brandy is then cooled until it turns a wonderful hue of amber and gold. During the process, a butterscotch aroma hits the nose, which makes this brandy an awesome, multiple sensory experience. Once the distilling process is complete, this brandy is bottled at 80 proof and ready to be enjoyed.

Even though Korbel Brandy is one of the best value brandies on the market, you can still include it as part of any order over $250 and enjoy free shipping from WineDelight.

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