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Colombo VQPRD Fine Marsala Dry

Colombo VQPRD Fine Marsala Dry

  • $ 1299

AGEING Aged for over 2 years (minimum 1 by law) in Slavonian oak barrels

TASTING NOTES With hints of raisins and vanilla it is dry, full, and harmonic on the palate. Colombo Marsala Fine Dry is perfect for fish and meat preparation. An elegant aperitif to serve with cheese.


  • Pistachio cakes
  • Pear, apple, peach or tart and cake. We generally have them with Zabaione or an ice cream made with some Marsala as well.
  • Tiramisu ( we generally put Marsala in the cream)
  • Ricotta cheese deserts ( Cannoli, Ricotta Tarts, Cassata Siciliana)
  • Any almond Deserts
  • Dry fruit cakes and sweets

18% ABV

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